Best Interactive Story Games

Story interactive Games have become a new trend in this modern era. Many people love to be part of the game genre and want to play it. These games are more interesting than other games. Anyone can play such games no matter what your age and gender. Moreover, you can play these games on Windows, MAC, Androids, and iOS.

Below is the list of best interactive story games with different themes. You can explore all of them and find the one which is best for you.

Best Interactive Story Games

Best Interactive Story Games
Best Interactive Story Games

Disco Elysium

The story of the game is about the investigator and the murder in the city. As the game goes, the story turned out to be the case of a magical realistic class struggle, Marxism. Disco Elysium is the most exciting game where you explore heavy dialogues. Also, you can use the questionable items, get surprises and use dialogue decisions. So, this game is the most exciting RPG game for anyone. It will develop your psyche and open your horizon in different ways, and check your intellectuals.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best action game so far as the PC game. The theme of this part is the same as the former one.  Also, in this game, you will play the role of Arthur Morgan, who is the Van der Linde gang’s member. Moreover, you will play and attack to save yourself against the opposition and law of the city. It is about morality and survival. The game’s story becomes more engaging when you face tragedies and tube you best against the American west. In this story, the civilized west threatens you and your family.


Another mysterious and thrilling game for the interactive story games lover. Yesterday, likewise Disco Elysium, the game had millions of sales. In this game, there is a murderer in the city who is killing the beggars. Now, you have to play the investigator’s role and your friend and find that cruel murderer. In doing so, you have to solve different sorts of puzzles. You can question whomever you want. Furthermore, the interactive graphics and engaging artistic style develop more interest and enjoyment in the game. Upon this, the music is another level of fun.

The Walking Dead

Telltale Games developed and published The Walking Dead on 24th April 2021 and. The game is adventurous and horror at the same time. It takes you in a comic book world where you people are fighting and saving their survival against the Zombie Apocalypse in Georgia. However, there are three main characters in the game. One is the university professor; the other is a criminal rescuing a little girl who has been lost on this horror land. The criminal takes care of that girl and tries to find the belongings of the girl. Ultimately, he became the central character of the game.

Heaven’s Secret

Heaven a Secret is the fantasy game where you play the role of Vicky Walker. The character had died and is now living in the “Angels and Demons Academy.” In the game, you make the choices that affect your future. Nonetheless, you have the opportunity to go on the sacred path or select the demonic route; the option is yours. However, in both situations, you have to decide whether you will break one of the tempting heavenly rules or not. Heaven’s Secret is an exciting fantasy game, and I have a huge fan following of ladies.

Life is Strange

If you are fed up with reality, then this Life is Strange game is considerable. It is one of the exciting interactive story games that keep your mind busy with the unknown factors of the story. Players take all the choices and options. Players will decide how they will interact with each other, whether they want to help each other or not. All such things, depending on your approach. The game is supported on PlayStation 4, Xbox,  Android, iOS, and steam.

Depression Quest

Depression has become a common trait of our society. Every second person is suffering from depression. Therefore, this new theme game has come into the market. In this game, you are a depressed person and try to cope with this suffering. The story allows you to enjoy the routine of daily life, such as dealing with relationships, jobs, treatment, and other things. Usually, a depressed soul feels lost, and due to this, he can’t run his daily life events properly. Thereby, the game again gives the spirit to such people to live everyday life.

Moreover, the game educates people about mental illness and depression as well. This interactive story game is full of knowledgeable facts and mediation. So, every person facing such sort of suffering should play the Depression Quest game, a good source for keeping their mind busy..


Florence is the story of a game named Florence. In the game, you are going to play for Florence and her happiness. Her happiness is not only dependent on eating, sleeping, working, and using social media. Krish is another character who is the boyfriend of Florence, and he fills her life with happiness. But, in all these, she also helped herself be happy by learning different lessons from her life. Nonetheless, this interesting interactive story game is based on 20 chapters of the novel and can be completed in half-hour.


The story is about a girl who is lost in her world. Also, the game is embedded with lots of puzzles and visual novel components. In the game, Gris is suffering her life in sorrow due to the painful experience of her life. The Player will navigate the character of Gris to realize the emotions and reality of the real world. In this game, there is not any threat of death, so that you can play the game without any hesitation.


 Replika is a unique game where you will get an AI Friend for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Replika My AI Friend has been considered very useful in the times of Covid when you are alone most of the time. Also, the game is suitable for those people who feel hesitation in sharing their ideas and emotions with other people. So, this interactive story game will prove an excellent source for lighting such people’s hearts.  With Replika mod apk , you can enjoy the game’s premium features as well without any charges. Apart from this, the Replika My AI Friend is suitable for iOS and Android.


Here, the ten best interactive stories games are completed. These all are unique and interesting in their way. You can enjoy all of them; otherwise, read the descriptions and choose according to your interest.

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